Today Nojohr's recieved a tone in Combat instinct and Creed of the Gods Volition, a fallad skill, was made a basic prevent.  The change to Nojohr is expected to be the beginning of a series of changes to the class to help balance the class out and make it an overall more powerful class to play, whether it's running or player killing.  Stay tuned for further details as the changes are roled out. 

Update 4:43 PM CST : New update was posted, Nim was changed for footpads Read More

Update 4/13/2014:

- Augments for demigod and and ascedent now increase the maximum
experience cap per kill. Please see "help augment" for more details. Read More

Update 4/11/2014:

- Rite of sundering is now a basic rite prevention ability, while
rite of virility is an intermediate one. Read More

As many of you may have noticed, little villages have began appearing that looks like the image to the right which is called the Wizards Emporium.  Innogames have released a feature which will run for the next few days called Wizards and Magic.  This is actually InnoGames version of their April fools joke.

These villages do not have any defense so players should not fear loosing their troops.  Players have reported they have received a variety of hats from sending troops to these villages while a few have reported recieving flags along with the hat.   Read More

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